Coxbit GmbH

Coxbit was founded in January 1999 by Henriette Fux and René Aeberhard.

Our motto was: Through mysteries to clarity. We are heading directly for solutions.

Coxbit's philosophy was strongly influenced by Unix and its tenets:

Our clients were SBB, Swisscom and PostFinance. We've provided turnkey solutions and engineering support in Security, Performance Tuning, Database Migration, CORBA Migration, Application Management, EFT/POS Accounting, International Data Exchange. We were especially proud to have PostFinance - our previous employer - among our clients. The name Coxbit, a made-up word, was born as an early morning inspiration on Henriette's daily train journey to work. Coxbit means to navigate bits. In March 2005 we decided to focus on new adventures and shutdown the operations of Coxbit. Henriette is leading software engineering groups for Oracle. René was leading software architecture and infrastructure groups for Zembu Labs and PayPal.

Palo Alto, 2015